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Brian Piergrossi: Author of The Big Glow & The Wow of the Now, Life Coach & Spiritual Teacher

T.H., Counselor, British Columbia, Canada

“I felt a call to find a life coach about two and a half months ago. Brian appeared magically on my facebook news feed the next day. When the student is ready the teacher appears.  His ability to meet me where I was at…. always….. was invaluable. Allowing for and encouraging the changes in my consciousness, my being and my person.  Helping me to see and then embrace my resistance ( tough one) and honor every step of the journey.  I believe he is most definitely a very Universally timed person. A channel for the energy of transformation…. I highly recommend Brian.  He is authentic and integral and so much more.  I invite you to have a look at his website, u-tube video’s or facebook page.”

K.H. – Finland, Human Being

Thank you, Brian for today, thank you. I’ve felt a lot of release and relief afterwards. Your presence (all sessions) is mirroring to me in magnificent ways. It is working miracles.

P.S., English Teacher, Instanbul Turkey

“Really the first time I have ever felt myself ”lucky” was/is/ the chance I was able to make sessions with such a unique soul as Brian.He has taught me that this luck is Law of Attraction and even feeling it. I am amazed to myself even daring to be able to FEEL and start TO feel the COURAGE to CREATE my life.

I feel  full appreciation,gratitude for Brian who reminds me to create miracles in my life which were previously  just a fantasy for me.I feel now  so apparently relaxed and amazed with full of serenity;being in the PRESENCE of the moment….remembering the sky/clouds…Thank you for Brian touching my soul so intensely and deeply and joining my journey.”

E.S., Teacher, Entrepenuer, Northhampton MA

“I met Brian when I needed another, new, direct-path mentor. We met twice a month…  AMAZING! The Shift. THE shift. The SHIFT. Finally the unseen intelligence behind form is the primary experience of living moment to moment. The shift to this this ongoing-stablizied experience places present, past, future – into a difference that makes the difference, when the unseen intelligence is the primary relationship, discernible in each moment. Brian has been my friend and help-meet in this! A wonderful moment for all humankind when one of us crosses to the other shore!”

-A.G. Life Coach, Michigan

.”Finding a coach that is such a resonant match has been a sweet gift.  Brian encouraged me to continue to follow the momentum of the heart.  He provided a confidential oasis to share the growing pains of the unfolding dharma.  I grew to welcome the discomfort that some of our interactions revealed.   While we have worked together, parts of the self that needed to be freed unleashed deeply.  His presence inspired me to get radically honest with myself, to break through glass ceilings, and to clarify intentions of the heart.  Having a supportive presence nudging me to live a truly integrated life has been immensely valuable.  Brian is a gem and I would recommend his coaching, teaching, and writing to anyone.”

TB, Mason City Iowa, Factory Worker

I wanted to let you know that I have walked alot and way out of my comfort zone with very little, to know anxiety by your exercises.  Also I drove to Minneapolis and met my daughter,  this is a 112 mile drive.   to do this i totally changed my story and what i think about especially the night before. Thats when it was worse,  was at night thinking about what could go wrong and I totally changed the story.  This works…… you know what though, it seemed weird,  I’m not use to going places and not having anxiety, I felt good but i felt out of place with my self.  that was the norm for me for 10 years  I first do the breathing (wheres my breath), then focus on the now and focus on the beautiful things around me and there is  something you said that  sticks with me,  it had to do with what your seeing now you will never see again  that things change all the time.  I just really appreciate the little thing now.  I’m going to get you books and I’m very excited to read them. Thanks.   I have more obstacles like hospitals, but i will do it with your help  thanks for getting a big portion of my life back.  It means a lot.

S.W., Social Worker, San Francisco CA

Doing so well after your coaching and learning how to relax, live in the now, breathe properly, meditate and being grateful. Doing things on my own. Filling my life with good. Thanks!

V.S., Manager, Escondido CA

If you’re on the fence, consider this: we all have a “blind spot” in our lives. We can all get caught up in the day-to-day messiness and forget to look at the Big Picture. Having another look where you cannot see, or help you to refocus your perspective with a Big Picture moment or two, can be and is such a huge GIFT. I would not be saying this if I had not asked for and received this gift myself. I trust VERY FEW to assist me when I feel I need it – and Brian is one of these Soul Friends whom I trust ABSOLUTELY. Receive the Gift of Clarity! ..

M.S., Student, Rockville MD

I have experienced Brian’s working. He is amazing and I highly recommend Brian to you all of you considering working with him. He is truly gifted and deeply insightful man, with a gentle kindness, yet inner power, which makes him easy to relate to.

G.R., Counselor, Spokane WA

I just wanted to say, WOW! transforming session and sessions.  I feel so grateful for the things you have been through in your life that has brought you to this now point.  Your journey is in turn helping my journey and my awakening.

B.F., Journalist, Campbell Spain

Hi Brian, I think it is a perfect day to let you know how much you have done for me in my life through our sessions. It is like you have opened up a bottle to let everything run freely and fluidly in me. You have the gift to make people realize them self. You are a light worker and you have found you soul purpose.

M.W., Nurse, Sydney Australia

‘Dearest Brian

I need to say more than thank you to you in fact I don’t think there are words on this planet to describe my thanks.

I have had a lot of growth and realization over the last few weeks from our life coaching sessions. Some of it has been hard and some has just come so naturally. It’s not during our sessions that I grow the most or come to these realizations it’s always the days between sessions. It’s like you plant little seeds in me that grow during the week. You are truly an inspirational being that I feel honored to have met in my life at this moment. You have guided me to become honest and accountable with myself, which then reflects to the world. WOW!!!!

This week we spoke about Love which was a difficult concept for me to understand…Well my biggest realization from the last few weeks came this morning while I was running at the gym….I realized I am not what happened to me, I am not my mental illness, I am not just a mum, daughter, sister, nurse I am ME!!!! I am simply ME in this moment I am me that does not need to be defined. I never realized how much I label everything… myself, love, my children. I feel lighter and have no words to describe this feeling inside. Brian you are moving the fog I was living in and I’m seeing glorious sunshine for the first time.

M.A., Entreprenuer, Miami FL

Brian  is a transmitter of presence. Today more than ever we have a hard time being fully present and awake in the moment. We are living in the past or future… tainted too often with scars from the past that we have not released or too caught up in the worries of the future, that keep us from fully experiencing the joy that every new moment brings,
the endless possibilities that are always around us if we can just let go and let things BE.

Brian states how he feels, he expresses appreciation and gratitude and is honest with you at all times.

This allows for one to feel safe and accepted, understood and heard which opens one up to fully experiencing their true, authentic self.

I am grateful to him for teaching me from his Beingness how to live my life more authentically and more fully alive within myself.  As I continue to bring more of my True Self into the present moment, I am able to experience more fully the gift of being me and being able to share that with others.

K.S. Environmentalist, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

In much the same way a horse can be trained to lose spirit, by being “broken in”, humans get broken in too. Not just by society, but also by events in their lives that repeatedly knock one down (loss, death, abuse etc. for example). And when one’s spirit is broken, no matter how one wakes up, the will to move forward, to make the changes necessary, is simply not there. So, for me it is all about the will – not having the spirit or strength has been behind much of what I unconsciously sabotage.

But, this all changed after speaking to you. That was the first and most powerful realisation. I am blessed to have countless opportunities to bring people into my space and share what I have learnt and yet I have pushed them away. Not anymore.

-J.R., Artist, Healer Reading PA

“After my session, I feel like I am diving into my soul and playing with it and have a very blissful state of being. It was a spark and now a flame. I feel like I just had a 3 hour massage, and I love massage..
Shining. “

J.T., Registered Nurse, Raleigh NC

“When I came to Brian I was in a very dark place in my heart, wondering what the point was and running out of hope.

Brian brought the light and shined it on my heart in so many ways. He has helped me be aware of the dragging the past into each moment, or burdening the moment with the what ifs of the future. I am learning to create the space in this moment, to enjoy what is here now.

He has helped me see that I have the power to create the life that I want  in this moment  not some far off point in the future when. Far from the deep despair that I started with, I now have moments of actual giddiness, happiness today, now, that I can be free to enjoy my life today. Together we have explored my job, my relationships, my physical health, and brought to those areas intention and candor. But I think the biggest change has been in my spirit. I have a peace now that I did not have before.”

E.V. Chicago IL, Legal Secretary

“BECAUSE of my life coaching sessions….


a gentle being


no fears
no attachments
no worries

and FULL of:

peace in all areas in my life
my friendships are stronger than ever
my love just goes deeper than ever for myself
and for every person in my life

I wake, sleep, walk and talk with serenity in my heart… THANK YOU!

My GREATEST gift to myself was taking these life coach sessions with you. It is truly the most powerful and beautiful gift a person could ever gain.

I look forward to the day we can continue my sessions, until then I carry inside of me all the insights that you gave to me for a better living. I hope that others will follow and enjoy what this beautiful world has to offer, esp. the gift of being.”

-J.L. Author, Life Coach, Musical Artist, NewYork, NY

“Dear friends,

As you already know, I seldom endorse anything or anyone on my page, however, since many of you have asked in
the past about one-on-one coaching, I want to take a moment to talk to you about it, and to introduce you to a life
coach I admire profoundly and I proudly place my name behind in support, Brian Piergrossi.

Brian is known as Brian – The Big Glow, after his wonderful book titled The Big Glow.
Brian is a life coach who has a fantastic two month program that is the most complete I have come across. For those
wondering what a Life Coach does and why anyone would need one, let me briefly tell you about it.

A life coach is an experienced professional whom one recruits for a given amount of time to help us re-group and re-
balance via their proven techniques and know-how modeled after their studies and experience. Getting perspective
from an unbiased advocate of our well-being is something very special and a wise decision that some of the most
successful people in the world do habitually. Businessman Donald Trump, Golfer Tiger Woods, and athlete and gold
medalist Nadia Comaneci are amongst those who have secured the help of a life coach in periods of their life.

I can guarantee, that should you decide to invest on yourself in this manner, you will be pleasantly surprised with
what The Big Glow Two Month Life Coaching Program can contribute to your life. Brian is very dedicated to
constantly enhance his program, but especially dedicated and interested in the all-around success and happiness of
the ones he works with.”

-K.S. Milwaukee WI, Artist

“When I began to live in this unquestioning way, my life really blossomed. {this change of thought began, April,
I wasn’t sure “how” I would pay for school but have now done 27 credits since September and all has been paid for. I
didn’t know “how” I would be able to buy a house but bought one anyway and have paid my mortgage for over a
year. I didn’t know “how” I was going to pay for my schooling in Italy this summer but I am set to go July 6th and
return August 11th and my flight is paid in full and my tuition is nearly paid for.

I live very frugal in material objects but live in abundance with family and friends. I live with love and a respect for
myself and others. I have less then 10,000.00 in cash value to my name, infinite value in family and friends and my
materials wavers somewhere in between and I feel rich with love and life and I am blessed in a new relationship
where we nurture each other’s souls.

I thank God everyday for just going ahead and trusting the okayness of not knowing “how” and just doing it
anyway!!! :)

Thank You Brian for being a helpful soul during those days when I questioned so much and was living in a stagnant
puddle of worry and sadness and frustration…..your coaching words took time to sink in at my own pace and
allowed me to own my own power and begin to live.

Thanks again!
Peace, Love and abundant Joy !!!! :)

-D. S. Qigong Instructor, St. Petersburg FL

“Brian sees past the problem that has shadowed over us and is holding us back in life, and gently covers us with a
solution that lets rays of light melt away the problem to open up doors to a new world that has been waiting for us
from the very beginning…There’s a peace to his soul that comes across in his voice, his silence and his guidance.”

-E.L. Clerical Work, Oak Ridge Park, IL

“Brian’s love, wisdom, dedication and light has made an impact to my life! It’s amazing in a short time how I have
turned my situations around without eating them away. For years, I’ve battled with emotional eating. This man not
only brought great insights to facing life directly, but found a drive inside of me that I now love to chose well, eat
healthy and deal with my issues, rather than bury them. It is truly amazing how much I never want to go back to
my bad habits and how I love selecting the finest quality of food for my body, spirit and mind. I walk around feeling
strong, in control and lighter all around. I’ve had so many bonuses from my life coaching sessions that I find that
activities, people are walking right into my life without any search or effort. I get speechless with my new
happenings… so much that I wanna keep Brian around as long as possible for the good life. “

-M.H. Medical Asst, Greenbelt, MD

“Brian’s encouragement, practical wisdom and empathy has comforted me and empowered me (baby steps yes, but
more than I have done in years), and helped me to look at myself in a different, less critical way. He has.. helped me
begin to do more than survive.. and for that I will always be incredibly grateful.”

-M.I. Miami Fl, Dance Therapist

“I was blessed to have had Brian in my corner.

At first I was skeptical about the kind of progress that could take place over the phone. But I soon came to realize that the magic didn’t just happen in the hour that we spoke.

Each week through his attentive listening, power of presence and reflective feedback, I was able to see myself more clearly. Each week Brian would ask the simplest yet most profound questions. They were unlike any other questions I have been asked before  because my heart was answering them. These questions were like little seeds that I would tend to, and watch grow, into the most beautiful answers!

This is the real flowering of the heart.

And his book, The Big Glow laid the ground work, the rich fertile soil for everything to take shape and bloom. With love, humor and a comforting wisdom, his book gently began to peel back the layers and remove years of unnecessary armor.

The Big Glow, from the book, to the life coaching sessions, to the retreats are life changing and I am forever grateful.

I hope to meet anyone who reads this and can relate to my experience.
See you at a retreat!

From my glowing heart to yours.

-K.F., Seattle WA, Clerical

“Brian, I think about you pretty much on a daily basis!!! Your life coaching has helped me in so may ways and things
are happening that are so amazing! I know I have already thanked you for everything you’ve done. But I will
continue to thank you as someone who has helped me so much on my path!”

-T.M., Writer, Carrboro, NC

“Brian is an amazing gift to the world. His abilities to listen without judgment, ask the right questions and share the
perfect information at the perfect time are priceless. Such a strong, loving and compassionate soul, he has definitely
found his calling in life and basks in a warm glow that infects everyone around him. He has a special way of getting
right to the heart of the matter and gently reminding me of my inherent bliss and worth. A true gift!”

-L.S., Healer and Therapist, Lincoln NE

“Brian did a great job helping me to relax and communicate some of my confusions within my relationship and I felt
he was able to ask the right questions to assist me in finding the answers of my uncertainties. Change is already in
motion and though it will be a challenging time for me, I’m feeling blessed to have found him as a gifted guide on
my path.”

-Dr. B.A., Psychologist, Baltimore, MD

“If you want the same results as you’ve always gotten, keep doing the same thing. If you want real change, you want
to work with someone who has the ability to spot the implicit assumptions and beliefs that are keeping you stuck.
Brian has always had an exquisite capacity for not getting ensnared by the limiting boxes people can place
themselves in. . .and for empowering others to come up with creative solutions when they feel like there are none.”

-A.M., Social Worker, Stokesdale NC

“Brian is a true inspiration. He has helped me to see that I must create my own life story that
is filled with sincere happiness and unconditional love. I am grateful to him, for his humble love and wisdom. ”

-L. H., Piano Teacher, Springfield OH

“When I was searching and wasn’t quite sure for what, I came across Brian’s web site.
Brian’s Attentive Listening and his compassionate, non-judgmental approach has proven to be a Powerful source of
encouragement for me. When I need SILENCE with COMPANY, he knows when. I resonate with the shifts in the
energy that occur, during our talks…and I find that I KNOW what he senses too. When my mind races and can’t
seem to stop I am met sometimes with strong, attentive silence and in those moments there is deep
communication. He makes me laugh even when my heart feels despair. When I couldn’t see love or genuineness
anywhere around me and had none to give it seemed, Brian’s INTENTIONS and presence in the world gave me
evidence that LOVE exists. Each time we talk I “CATCH” it. I realize that I am that LOVE too. By being aware,
himself, of the LOVE he is… I catch it too. Brian is truly a gift and brings good news of hope and encouragement. No
words are really adequate to describe his effect on my life. -L. H., Piano Teacher, Springfield OH

-D. H., Reiki Master, Portland, ME

“Brian is a constant and pure source of inspiration and wisdom. His words have lead my life down wonderful paths. He is a sage and it has been amazing to know him.”

-Dr. M.B., Psychologist, Long Island, NY

“Brian is a unique and inspiring. He has the ability to connect deeply on a one-to-one basis while remaining acutely
attuned to the social, political and cultural context in which our lives are lived. Brian’s passion, truthfulness, and
warmth are really a special combination and make him particularly capable of touching and catalyzing change in the
lives of others.”

- J.R., Student, Washington DC

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Brian during some intensive and unique retreat experiences. He has
a wonderful way of connecting with people and brings a healing dose of energy, humor, and insight to all his

-L.C. APRN, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, General Manager of Cafe Gratitude, Mill Valley, CA

“Brian has an amazing ability to be fully present, experiencing a person in all their humanness in that moment, and
listening with an open and compassionate heart.”

-A.B. Santiago, Chile, Counselor

“Brian is a wonderful being. His presence can go beyond time and space in such a natural way it is amazing. His
warm heart emanates simplicity and wisdom, touching souls, filling them with inspiration.”

-T.P., Yoga Instructor and Health Care Professional, Brooklyn NY

“Brian isn’t afraid to challenge the social norms of life. He knows who he is and follows his heart, with no excuses. If we all lived by his example, we would probably be much happier and spiritually fulfilled. Being around him makes you aspire to be your best self.”

-A. S. Programmer, Dancer, Austin, TX,

“Thank you for your generous guidance and smooth, kind wisdom, from my heart through the unconsciousness of

-Dr. A.Z., Research Highway Engineer, McLean, VA

“Brian is an excellent listener. He is quick to put a smile on my face…. very caring.”

-T.B., Teacher, Author, Sonoma CA

“Brian is a visionary, dedicated to finding a meaningful life for everyone he knows. He is very hardworking and
cares passionately for the good of the planet and peace and fulfillment for all of us.”